An intro to Pull Ups, bars and exercises in South Africa

Pull ups are probably one of the oldest form of exercise that exist, but previously those that do heavy forms of muscle building have deemed it not as effective. Luckily this trend has changed when people like the Bar Brothers started their calisthenics trend on YouTube. Take a look at a recent workout video from the Bar Brothers below:

There are a lot of different types of pull up bars and workouts out there but some of the most noteworthy remain the doorway, wall mounted and free standing bar. Actually there aren’t that many retailers offering these bars for sale in South Africa unless you count the usual stores like Makro, Game and Verimark.

If you’re up for the challenge you can even choose to build your own home made pull up bar. Here’s a few amazing and very effective workouts that can be done with this simple, yet effective machine.  The article is called: “8 Badass Exercises You Can Do With Nothing But a Pull Up Bar”.

Oh yeah and some people might even call this a chin up – basically a different way of holding your hands and gripping the bar. More on this topic later…

Here’s another great workout video: