Kangmei slimming capsules & tea lookup

I’ve recently discovered many weird weight loss products being sold in South Africa. The first one on my list is called “Kangmei slimming capsules”. I’m not sure what typical weight loss results one can expect from this product, if it actually does work at all or if there are any side effects, but I’m going to give you as much information possible in this short review.

Image source: http://mhhealth.en.made-in-china.com/product/USgmRYjxOrhC/China-Kangmei-Slimming-Capsules.html

So how did I discover the Kangmei slimming capsules? I was busy scrolling through South African diet shops that sell popular dieting products online when I found them. The first store selling them is called the med-shop.co.za and is selling these capsules at R70 per box. I’m not sure how many pills are in each box, but R70 is probably one of the cheapest dieting pills I’ve ever come across.

This Chinese looking diet supplement seems to be some kind of green tea extract which helps improve your metabolism and in return help you burn fat easily.

This all seems pretty great, the price is great, but can it be trusted and does it have any side effects is the real question… This would be my main concern if I was to use Kangmei. Okay, so maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself – I’m not trying to be negative…

If anyone has ever used the Kangmei slimming capsules please comment below and tell me your opinion about it.

I carried on with my research and found that this weight loss product’s website was expired, not working or non-existent. This feels to me a bit alarming since there is no solid resource to back up any claims being made by this product, show off its research or provide more information than the seller currently is.

I also managed to discovered camcheck.co.za and an article about Kangmei where various complaints were lodged against this product way back in 2012. You can read the article for yourself over here http://www.camcheck.co.za/kangmei-slimming-capsules-asa-ruling.

Overall without trying to discredit anyone whilst simply stating the information I’ve found online I would advise you to think twice before purchasing this specific slimming or weight loss pill. There were even talks of it containing a banned substance on the article from camcheck.co.za. Seeing as it is 2016 the creators of this product might have changed the formula by now as I’m still seeing a lot of people selling it in South Africa – I’m not sure…

So whatever your decision remember to do your research and to consult your doctor before using Kangmei.