The human Paleo diet

I’ve heard about some weird diet based findings in my day, but this one is really something different. Teen Vogue recently launched an article talking about how original Paleo diets might have included a secret meat. With secret I mean human meat… I can just see the look on the Paleo fanatics’ faces if you were to tell them something like: Week 1 includes lean meat in your diet and week 2 pure organic human meat… Arrg what a disgusting thought!

Here’s the source of the article from Teen Vogue: “Original Paleo Diet Likely Included Cannibalism, Study Finds”.

If you don’t know how the Paleo system works it basically is a “cave man” diet where you don’t eat any diary, sugars and all the processed foods you find today – just a lot of meat and fats. It’s a very popular and natural eating plan that’s been in the news over the past few years. This diet has also been doing it’s rounds in South Africa. Here’s a video going in depth about the ways of Paleo and it’s practices:

According to the writers from Teen Vogue researchers found the people in the Netherlands had a strange substance that they used in their diets. This led them to believe that these people followed somewhat of a cannibalism diet. Further studies believe that Homo sapiens, an early adoption of our human race, might also have had a few human meats included in their meal plans.

Although reasons for this inclusion remains vast and mostly unknown, I’m assuming it might have been because of a scarcity of food, it remains disgusting to say the least. Be sure to read the Teen Vogue article for more of these grueling details.

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