How to boost your metabolism

Boosting your metabolism like how we talk about in our 13 day metabolism diet article has always been a popular subject for weight loss and nutrition blogs. People who want to look more lean and lose weight normally tend to research this subject. Over the years there have been many methodologies to follow and proven ways discovered to improve your metabolism. I’ve gathered information from a few trusted online sources to bring you a great article on metabolism.

The first section is based on a YouTube video from Dr. Josh Axe (a popular internet doctor) on “How to boost your metabolism in 3 easy steps”. Dr. Josh has a huge health website with over 1 000 000 Facebook fans, have been featured on television programs and more so his advice normally is good advice. You can find more metabolism advice from him on the “6 Metabolism death foods” article on his website. Although his video is from 2014 Dr. Axe gives some simple and effective tips which he believes will give you results within only a few days. For specifics watch his video that I’ve added for you here:

The second part of this post is based on an article I found from called “Six ways to boost your metabolism as you get older”. Why add this section? Well it’s not only 20-40 year olds that want to be more healthier, seniors might also be looking for health advice online. So if you’re above 50 this one is for you. According seniors might find it hard to maintain their weight levels or even lose weight as they get older and reach a certain age. Although there might be many factors influencing this one of the most important ones remains the fact that their metabolism or metabolic rate is slowing down. This means that there body in fact burns less calories which leads them to have some weight problems.

If you’re a senior or in your 50’s or older I urge you to take a look at that article as they provide 6 great and simple methods to improving your metabolism which you could easily include in your daily living schedule and routine. These tips include doing things like eating breakfast, lifting weights, drinking water and more. Like I said, simple…

Thanks for reading.