Do football players diet?

Have you ever considered that football players might be following some kind of diet? Okay, so when I’m talking about diet it might not be in the traditional sense of trying to lose weight but rather to stay healthy and provide their body with the proper nutrition. One such instance has risen with German football club Dortmund where the press has been making claims on how their low carb diet regime influenced a game they played against Bayern Munich. Obviously the management of Dortmund declined these allegations…

I found the article on ESPN FC and it’s titled “Borussia Dortmund hit out at media over low-carb diet reports”. For the nitty gritty details feel free to read the article by clicking on the link I’ve provided for you.

The coach of football team, Thomas Tuchel, changed things up within the team and urged them to follow a low carb based diet. ESPN FC says that the coach is very dedicated and having players follow a specific eating regime is all part of his plan to take them to the next level. However the German news press made allegations that the reason Dortmund failed to win the match against Bayern is because the players didn’t have any energy left. This might all be connected to the low carb diet the players are following.

I myself am pretty amazed that a football player would be following such a diet, especially when the run 5+ kilometers in one football match alone. To me it just doesn’t make sense, however I know there is more to a low carb diet that I might not understand at this very moment. These allegations seemed to have been going on for a long time, but Dortmund claims there chef prepares a balanced meal for its players that actually do include carbs.

I hope for their sake that the diets they’re following include some carbs because running around and spending energy doing so is no fun when you have an empty stomach. On a side note I’ve found an interesting video covering the workout and diet Christiano Ranoldo follows. If you’re a big fan of football this might be an interesting one to watch:

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