How the diet industry is changing in the US

It’s no hidden secret that people are changing the way they think about losing weight and dieting. A recent article from Business Insider stated just that and had some very interesting findings which I’m going to cover in this post today. You can read the article by going here “The diet industry is dying as a new mentality takes hold in America”.

In the United States dieting has always been big and people have for long been using all kinds of low calorie based foods until recently the scene has started evolving in something completely different. According to the Business Insiders article most people are looking to shift to healthy living which is sustainable, can be practiced long term and most of all is affordable.

I can totally agree with the fact that this industry is changing. Just open your Instagram App and look for health / weight loss accounts and everywhere you’ll find healthy recipes, teas and all kinds of sustainable long term positive healthy living advice. All over the web health and nutrition based blogs (even ones like mine) exist and provide people with great information that leads to healthier living.

Getting back to the news article: Ruth Bernstein from YARD said that there still remains two main groups when it comes to segmenting people and there dieting beliefs. One group believes that although sugar and fat intake needs to be controlled or prohibited it has to be done by manmade products or alternatives. This group has been a main drive for popular weight loss products like Weight Watchers and a lot of the trend based diets which has come and go over the past 10 to 20 years.

The rest of the dieting fanatics have become savvier and have started understanding the benefits of healthy fats and certain elements to be put into your body. They prefer health based products like drinking coconut water and other natural products. Besides these two groups having distinct differences when it comes to diet perceptions in general they believe that relying on diet food for sustenance over long periods of time just isn’t healthy.

In reality the focus is shifting to health and wellness instead is depriving yourself from food and looking as skinny as possible. I personally think that movements like cross fit also have a big influence on the industry as a whole and that people aren’t only shifting from dieting, but moving to exercising and just plain living healthy. It’s a real interesting shift and one that I think would benefit the human race a lot!

Models have even started accepting their bodies… Here’s a photo of model Ashley Graham who is changing the way people and women think about their bodies.

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